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Now offering Affordable Dental Cleanings for pets under 8 years old! 

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Did you know that dental disease in cats and dogs not only causes severe damage to the teeth and gums, but can also cause severe heart disease as well? It is hard to brush our pets’ teeth, we understand. But by not routinely brushing their teeth, bacteria builds up on the teeth (causing tartar and plaque build-up) and on the gums (causing gingivitis). As we all know, this leads to very bad breath. And our pets just love to lick everything in the house and everyone in the family!!! 
DID YOU ALSO KNOW…that the particular forms of bacteria that grow in dog and cat mouths can be harmful to human health, particularly if our pets inadvertently bite or break skin when roughhousing with their owners? Please consider not only the health of your pet, but the safety of your family!

BUT I BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW…That these same forms of bacteria growing in your pet’s mouth can actually break down the gum tissue and the underlying jaw bone (=periodontal disease), and can even get into the bloodstream, travelling to your pet’s heart! Once there, the bacteria like to latch on to the heart valves responsible for directing blood flow, and cause endocarditis, heart murmurs, and severe heart disease, even death!!!
All of these reasons explain why dental care for your pet is SO IMPORTANT!!! And current Veterinary Medical Standards recommend full dental cleaning every six months!

WE ARE HERE TO HELP!   We can offer you an alternative option for affordable animal dental care. And by helping your pet, you are also helping support our nonprofit mission to provide animal rescue groups, humane societies, and the community with low cost surgical services. Click the link above for pricing as well as other wellness services while your pet is visiting with us for their procedure.

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